Terms and Conditions

. This shopping treaty applicable to the company's line of consumer users, consumers should carefully read all the terms of the following agreement, the terms of the agreement entered into by the purpose of these is to protect the interests of the Company and the Company of all users for online consumption (hereinafter referred to as the user), the user presses the "I agree to comply with these restrictions" key, or when in the company for online consumer is deemed to have been aware of, and agree to the terms of this agreement are all agreed:
• Personal data security
1. In order to complete the transaction, including payment and delivery, etc., all in the company for online consumer users must guarantee the retention of the information is consistent with the facts.
2. For information retained by the user, the company in addition to using a secure transaction mode, and promised to bear the obligation of confidentiality, except for the completion of the transaction is provided to provide goods or services other than the manufacturer or with the manufacturer, not any leaks or provided to a third party. The company retained for consumers login or personal information of its management, utilization and preservation issues, please refer to the Company's Personal Privacy.
3 in the following cases, the Company is entitled to view or provide personal information to the user's competent authorities, or to assert their rights infringement and propose appropriate proof of the third person:
※ Decree law, or in accordance with a judicial or other authority of command;
※ for the implementation of the terms of this agreement or a contravention of the terms of the agreement;
※ In order to maintain the normal operation of the Company's systems and security;
※ In order to protect our other users, or legitimate interests of other third party;
4. User for their personal information, payment information (including credit card information) and membership password, etc., should be properly safeguarded to prevent leakage. After entering all the acts of the system using their account number and password, and are regarded as the holder of the account and password of behavior.
• Online Consumer
1. Once the user in the company for online consumption, that expressed its willingness to purchase the goods or services and is willing to comply with trading rules.
2. The user data (such as address, telephone) when subject to change, it should be immediately corrected retention of on-line information, without the possibility of inconsistent data as a reason to deny or refuse to pay their ordering behavior.
3. The Company and retain the right to accept your set or not. Consumers ordered by the distribution of the goods if the two can not be delivered, and then by the Company to the phone and E-mail are those who can not be contacted more than two days, the company will cancel the order sum, and the amount of money deducted from the refund amount is twice the freight and refund fee.
4. All lines of the Company carried out the consumer, the user agrees to the electronic transaction data recorded by the Company shall prevail, subject to the dispute, and in the electronic transaction data for that standard. If a user transaction information is incorrect, you should notify the Company immediately e-commerce site managers.
5. With regard to the goods purchased by consumers in the Company's retreat, ordering problem, except in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations of the outside, and on the basis of return instructions matters.
6. This site may contain many links, these are all linked websites or the information on the page are provided by being linked sites, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy of its contents, the credibility or immediacy.
• System Security
1. The system does not guarantee the user the uploaded data will be displayed properly, does not warrant the accuracy of data transmission; if the user of the system found an error or omission, please notify us immediately e-commerce site managers.
2. The system will back up data on a regular basis, but unless the system has intent or gross negligence, the user agrees that this system should not delete the data for errors or failure to store backup data responsible.
• agreed to modify the terms of the
1. In addition to these Terms of use, users and should comply with other relevant measures and instructions for the Company to develop the online consumer or exchange.
2. The company the right to modify these Terms of Use of the reservations, the revised Terms of Use will be posted on this website, without any additional notice to individual users. Users should agree to abide by the terms of the agreement after the modification.
• Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Users should agree the terms of this agreement and all online consumer or transaction carried out in the company, are laws of the Republic of applicable law.

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