Privacy Policy

  • • obtain personal information
    When the user enters the Company related sites, basically do not need to enter personal information, such as name or e-mail address. Unless you want to join our member, otherwise the company will not be the case without the knowledge of the user, the user's personal information to obtain.
    The Company will record the relevant information related to the website address on the user station, as well as browsing activity within the site, but these data only as a traffic analysis and network behavior survey, in order to improve the quality of service of this website.
    In some cases, such as when a user to request membership, subscribe to the newsletter, other services, or participate in other activities related to the Company's website may require users to log personal information (be sure to fill out detailed) for ease of contact, completion of the transaction, providing services or processing subscription program; in this case, the company has a clear obligation to inform the relevant website's users, if the user chooses not to receive any advertising or information, the Company will be fully respected.
    • use of personal data
    Profile of the Company and its related sites made, both for the internal use of the Company in accordance with the purpose and scope of the original note. Unless stated otherwise in accordance with the relevant laws or regulations of Taiwan, otherwise the company will not be the user's personal information to third parties or used for other purposes as.
    • Cookie
    In order to facilitate the users, the company part of the site may use cookie technology in order to provide better service for users of personal needs; cookie is a web hosting and user browser to a technology of communication, it is possible user computer store certain information, but the user can set via the browser, cancel, or limit the functionality.
    • Data Security
    To protect your privacy and security, your account information content within the Company are protected with MD5 encryption mode.
    In some cases, the company uses 128bit encrypted transport mechanism, in order to protect the security of your data when transferring.
    • Internet link
    The Company and its related sites or pages may contain links to other websites or web pages, these do not belong to the company's website or web page, regardless of its content or the privacy policy, were not related to the Company.
    • Modify Personal Account and Data
    User's personal data is subject to change or found personal information is incorrect, you can always correct or amend the relevant website of the Company, including the requirement to stop to send newsletters, advertising and other related information.
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