AT5 Precision mold

AT5 Precision mold
AT5 Precision mold AT5 Precision mold AT5 Precision mold
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Name:AT5 Precision mold


SizeTolerance:± 0.01mm

Material:Germany imported tool

SteelIncision:Well-designed exclusive greatly enhance straight line point of view, increase its strength and durability


2009 JR.DE innovative R & D tool polishing technology, to enhance the stability of cutting tools, AT5-type knife in the layers of the physical chemical treatment and precision processing technology, under treatment significantly improve tool life, wear resistance and precision.
AT5 mold to adopt the concept of green environmental protection,Advocate a quick-change die, the overall weight loss, was effective mold:
1.Reducing machine (Hydraulic Press) Power consumption 
2.Shorten the processing (cutting) the time
3.Reduction in energy output, to save energy and reduce the effect of carbon
4.Process was changing, mold precision and tool strength is more enhanced relative increase production capacity in line with real economic benefits


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